Company History

For more than 30 years, PMA has provided deposit funding solutions to community banks across America. PMA introduced local public entities as the diversified deposit funding source for its community bank partners. PMA seeks to provide public entities with the best product solution at the most efficient price, while maintaining the principals of integrity, commitment and performance.

2014: Launched custodial CD Platform

2012: Intoduced ICS - SDA

2011: Introduced Term Series Pools

2009: PMA Funding (a service of PMA Financial Network, LLC and PMA Securities, LLC) debuted as the Independent Community Bankers of America Preferred Service Provider for brokered certificates of deposit and public funds deposits.

- Entered the Negotiable (DTC eligible) Certificate of Deposit market
- Placed over $100 billion

2007: Launched Letter of Credit program, CD transactions Type 1

2005: Introduced CDARS CDs

2004: Launched Reciprocal Program

- Became an associate member of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA)
- Launched Collateral Program

2002: Launched Money Market Deposit program, 1st SDA deposit

1989: Began offering Surety Bond Insurance Wrap product as a form of collateralization

1988: First Certificate of Deposit placed