Credit Analysis

In the early 1980s, Dr. Robert English, founder of PMA Financial Network, LLC and former public funds officer, developed an innovative credit report that ascertains the health of financial institutions utilizing fundamental analysis and a robust knowledge of the banking industry. Each credit report was created according to a proprietary quantitative and qualitative model that addresses factors of importance to depositors, as well as banks (e.g., statute compliance, safety, liquidity, yield, etc.). Today, finance officials and banks across the country continue to use and benefit from Dr. English’s first-of-its-kind and time-tested analysis.

Deliver PMA Bank Profile

In 2009, PMA evolved its credit report to serve as a source of bank- and peer-level information for community bankers. This new PMA Bank Profile:

  • takes an analytic view at the funding condition of a community bank;
  • identifies warning signs and funding “triggers”;
  • serves as an advisory tool for PMA Bank Funding Advisors;
  • provides insight into appropriate funding solutions.

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Access to PMA’s Credit Risk Management Team

In recent years, banks have been navigating margin pressure, loan write-downs, changing deposit trends and increased compliance costs, all while managing through new regulations and increased regulatory scrutiny. As such, PMA offers its clients direct access to its Credit Risk Management Team, which assists a community bank by utilizing ratio and fundamental analysis to determine a bank’s overall funding condition. This can serve as a valuable asset when developing and maintaining a healthy contingency funding plan.

For more information on PMA credit analysis services, click HERE.