Funding Services Overview

PMA Funding provides a variety of Deposit and Collateralization vehicles to develop sound funding solutions for financial institutions. The Firm services over 2,500 public entities that make up one of the largest pools of public funds available.  Varied municipality revenue cycles allow financial institutions to take a laddered approach to portfolio planning.  

PMA has placed billions of dollars in public fund deposits with financial institutions. Public funds deposits are derived from a variety of political subdivisions including school districts and municipalities.  Through its financial planning and cash flow programs, PMA can help a public entity match its assets to its liabilities, creating a predictable, defined investment plan.  PMA is then able to coordinate with financial institutions to place investments based on each political subdivision’s cash flow plan.

The benefit to the public entity is the ability to invest available resources to maximize return through duration with no added risk.  The benefit to financial institutions is a stable, low cost source of deposits.

Having a variety of reliable funding sources is critical for managing liquidity both from a primary and contingency funding plan.  Regulators insist banks be able to identify, measure, monitor and control liquidity risk in a timely and comprehensive manner.  Through PMA's funding program, clients can establish funding targets to be maintained through a diversified client base utilizing cost effective funding vehicles available to meet funding needs.