Local Government Investment Pools

PMA is a leading provider of administration, distribution and fixed rate investment program services to local government investment pools (LGIPs).

PMA tailors administration services to meet the needs of each specific LGIP and preserve the identity of each program it services. This includes private label branding of marketing and transaction websites as well as custom marketing collateral and supporting documents for each program.

PMA currently works with multiple LGIPs and offers a unique set of services designed to increase assets and participation.


Participants in PMA-administered LGIPs have access to a range of cash management and investment services designed specifically for school districts, community colleges and municipal entities. These include:

  • Banking and Cash Management
  • Cash Flow Management (CFLO)
  • Bond Proceeds Management (BPM)
  • Money Market and Liquid Investment Options
  • Fixed Income Trading
  • Credit Analysis

For more information on PMA LGIP services, click HERE.

Why Participate?

In addition to the cash management and investment services available to Participants, LGIPs also benefit from:

  • Tailored Marketing Services
  • Advanced Trustee, Client and Vendor Reporting
  • Competitive Fixed Rate Programs
  • Accounting Services
  • Client and Vendor Interaction