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About PMA Funding

PMA Funding, a service of PMA Financial Network, LLC and PMA Securities, LLC (member FINRA, SIPC), provides over 1,000 financial institutions with a broad array of cost effective funding alternatives. PMA Financial Network LLC serves public entities nationally as a foremost investment advisor/administrator for a number of local government investment pools (LGIPs). Through these established investment pools and unique funding capabilities, we develop custom deposit programs to meet your funding needs using a variety of deposit vehicles. PMA’s client deposits provide the size and savings of the secondary CD market with the flexibility and stability of core deposits, without disrupting your local markets.

The vision of PMA as a funding provider consists entirely of developing long-lasting, multi-touch relationships with our bank partners which encompasses all parts of the funding landscape from cost, duration, amount, securitization and portfolio (laddered or concentrated). Different than most deposit placement companies, which usually serve one role, PMA Funding works with treasurers, chief financial officers and senior management of banks, any size, in determining cost effective and efficient approaches for both clients’ contingency and daily liquidity management. When reviewing the overall financial landscape, PMA Funding understands that financial institutions have an array of options in the marketplace for deposit gathering, but PMA Funding works to provide the most integrated and efficient methods that serve the needs of institutions no matter the size or method of exchange.